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This April, witness firsthand how California’s evolving water crisis is a growing threat to our National Security in its capacity of providing healthy food to our Nation and world.

Environmentally-Themed Documentary Debuts on VOD Platforms April 17th

Los Angeles, CA – March 28, 2018 – Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios, has acquired global rights for the digital debut of the environmentally-themed documentary BEYOND THE BRINK.

BEYOND THE BRINK debuts on VOD and will be available to rent and own on digital HD across global cable, internet, and satellite platforms through Freestyle Digital Media on April 17, 2018 – just in time for Earth Day.  Created, directed, and produced by renowned documentarian, filmmaker and journalist, Jim Thebaut, BEYOND THE BRINK allows viewers to witness firsthand how California’s evolving water crisis is a growing threat to America’s national security in its capacity of providing healthy food to our nation and world. Throughout the 90-minute journey, BEYOND THE BRINK dives deep into the intricacies of the water and food nexus, while it highlights the evolving implications on a National Security threat through the lens of California’s San Joaquin Valley. California is the leading provider of dairy, produce, and beef in the United States, and BEYOND THE BRINK delves into the business of the state’s agriculture.

“I truly admire BEYOND THE BRINK and appreciate that such passionate filmmakers like Jim exist – those who spend their lives bringing to light such important topics often ignored,” said Miguel Johnson, Acquisition Manager for Freestyle Digital Media. “My team and I are thrilled to distribute BEYOND THE BRINK, and are looking forward to releasing it in April.”

“BEYOND THE BRINK makes a critically important point about the precious nature of water and how it is absolutely essential to produce the food that feeds us all,” stated Karen Ross, California Agriculture Secretary. “It outlines the real world options we face in balancing water-for-food and other essential needs around the world, making it clear that we must take action now to engage the broader public on this issue. BEYOND THE BRINK is an important step in that direction.”

“California is home to one of the world’s strongest economies supported by increasingly dated water infrastructure,” explained Jeff Kightlinger, General Manager, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. “BEYOND THE BRINK captures the dangers of California’s failure to plan for the future and the unfolding water crisis in the Golden State.”

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About Jim Thebaut:

Jim Thebaut is an accomplished and experienced educator, environmental planner, journalist, world traveler, executive producer of documentaries and films, and ambassador of diplomacy and public policy. For over three decades, he has educated, motivated and entertained diversified international audiences through his socially significant and acclaimed films, producing documentaries and segments for CBS, ABC News, HBO, A&E, and many other major networks.

In 1998, Jim co-founded The Chronicles Group, a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) corporation with a focus on educating the public through media about profound issues that affect both human and ecological systems.

Some of Jim’s previous works include The Cold War and Beyond (2002) and HBO’s The Iceman Tapes: Conversations with a Killer (1992) – the basis for the 2012 theatrical film, The Iceman (which Jim executive produced), starring Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, Chris Evans, and James Franco.

Beyond the Brink is the third film in a series that Jim created detailing our Nation’s water crisis, following Running Dry (2005), a documentary that was crucial in getting the Senator Paul Simon Water for the World Act passed, and The American Southwest, Are We Running Dry? (2008).